Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lemon bliss cake and Chocolate chip brownies

I love going thru food blogs... it is a major time pass for me.. I love the way each blog takes me to another and yet another on a never ending journey of good food.. (and then , since all that surfing has eaten into my cooking time but at the same time all those good pics have me hungry for good food --  I order pizzas! )

Nupur's Onehotstove is one of the blogs I frequent.. I went to her blog yesterday after ages... the pic of her lemon bliss cake looked awesome and so baked one in the evening... while mine did not look equally awesome, it did taste awesome..  and then to do justice to Joy's tummy, baked a brownie from a site I was guided to by the same blog....

(P.S. An amendment -- I recently  baked this cake and glazed it  as per the recipe. And all of us went ga-ga over the cake with the glaze. While the cake is delicious by itself, the glaze gives an altogether different taste to the cake. This time I baked it in a regular pan. Since it did not have a hole in the middle, I poked the cake with a knife to let the glaze enter. Hence those marks on the cake in the pic. Do try the cake with the glaze -- the taste is amazing. Secondly, I could not dissolve the entire sugar and so had some granulated sugar in the glaze. Ab and Joy insisted that it was the crunchiness of the sugar which made it all the more tasty and advised me  not to dissolve the entire sugar in future tries).  

I do not have a bundt so  I used my simple cake pan. I took half the proportions and it took me 40 minutes to bake. On second thoughts, may be I need  to bake it longer since the bottom did not brown as well as Nupur's . I tried overturning the cake but I do not seem to have greased the pan enough as the cake broke. The glaze requires quite a lot of beating as a lot of sugar needs to be dissolved in lemon juice.  I skipped the glaze step as the cake broke and I also realized the cake is very sweet by itself.

The brownie turned out really chocolaty and gooey with the choco chips literally bursting from the seams... It took me 30 minutes to bake and still wasn't dry but I decided I did not want it to  over-dry and quit baking after 30 minutes..I added a little less than half a cup of sugar to make it sweeter as Joy likes them so.