Monday, May 6, 2013

How to stop expecting from people

Condensed from the blog agyaatdarshan in wordpress

" Is there a way to stop expecting? "

All we expect in relations is love, understanding and courtesy .. but unfortunately these are the things which can only be given and received.. These are like rain, sun and wind.. which come to us .. Similarly love, understanding and care can only be given..An eye lash is not a big thing, but when it enters the eye -- it gives u a lot of pain and irritation. Similarly, our expectations from people may be small , but if these people are not capable of giving -- if he or she is empty, skewed, already void of these ; it hurts us at our softest spot -- our emotional expectancy center leaving us disturbed for a very long time. So when we are expecting great distress from our little expectations, isn't it time to decide if we want to stay like that or change? Be wise and not wish a thing which can be painful. You have all the rights to keep yourself happy and if you decide to keep yourself happy -- you will see the merit of not following a particular way of thought / action. Practice affirmations daily till it becomes a way of life " I am wise/ am not stupid... why will I expect and feel pained. I know people don't come up to expectations and so it is not good for me to think differently.."