Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eggless ginger walnut banana cupcakes

Eggless ginger walnut banana cupcakes.. This recipe by Sunita Bhuyan uses atta / whole wheat flour  and so works out like a good snack too for those who would like to minimize use of maida / refined flour... The next time, I  will bake them longer and in smaller cups ... 1.25 cups of atta/ whole wheat flour  sieved with 2 teaspoons  of baking powder and 1/3rd tsp of baking soda + 1 over ripe banana+ 1/2 cup almond milk + 4 teaspoon ground ginger + chopped 12 pieces of candied ginger + chopped 8 pieces of walnut + 1/4th tspn nutmeg powder + 1/2 cup oil + 4 tbspn brown sugar.. Bake at 180 deg in a preheated oven for 20 mins or till an inserted toothpick comes out clean.. For the original recipe and some excellent recipes, do checkout Sunita's blog

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