Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Orange Souffle

This is a very simple and awesomely delicious orange souffle. Not a souffle in the true sense but the result is a very light dish. It delights me that many friends have made this  at their homes after  tasting it our place... 

 Ingredients :
 2  packets of orange jelly ( making one litre of jelly) 
900 ml  of Vanilla icecream
200 ml of sugarless orange juice  

Prepare the jelly. Heat 500 ml of water . Add the jelly crystals, and mix with water for around a minute or more (count till 100)  till all the crystals dissolve. Add another 490 ml of cold water to the same. After the mixture comes to room temperature, put it in the refrigerator ( not freezer)  to let it semi-set. This is the only important part of the preparation, that it should not set completely. Keep checking the jelly to take it out when it is semi-set  ( wiggles dangerously). Take it out of the refrigerator. Scoop it out and put it in a blender.Pour in the orange juice. Break the vanilla icecream into medium pieces and add the same. 

Now blend the three for a minute or so till all three are completely blended. When u switch off the blender, you will notice in a few seconds, the liquid mixture will automatically coagulate and stick to each other. Pour into individual bowls or in a large bowl and keep it to cool in the refrigerator (not the freezer). Take it out only at the time of serving.  If kept outside, the souffle tends to disintegrate. If you are preparing  a large amount to be used over two sessions, recommend placing them in two different bowls. 

Bon Appetit !!!!

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