Thursday, April 7, 2011

40th Birthday poem written by yours truly

I just can't believe my ears,
I have whizzed thru forty years,
Why it just seems the other day
Mummy taught me badminton to play.
Helping dada make a paper kite (Madras)
Waking up in Mumbai to rainy nites
Dada telling "Shukti, grab Shilpi's ankles
While I pull her by the arms",
If you haven't guessed it by now,
They were trying to get me taller, thats how,
Saturday nights at Nagpur with Shukti,
Watching Amitabh/Hitchcock movies with much glee,
Pouring out my heart to her,
I feel so very much  loved by her.
Boy! were the get togethers in Kolkatta fun,
Am I glad that we cousins bonded like a glue gun,
The next fifteen years have been equally special,
Bonding with additions in the Mukherjee family has been swell.
God blessing me by giving me Abhit as a best friend
How did I get so lucky when he added another best friend
Around Abhit and Joy revolves  my life
Joy is my son and I am Abhit’s wife
I guess it is the laughter  and the special memories of the days past,
That has made these forty years go so very fast,
If that indeed has been the case
I don't know why have I been scared of the forties phase????


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  2. "Hi Shilpi,
    Such a heart warming poem! You are truly gifted, loving thoughts penned simply and beautifully. Touches the reader. Keep up the good word.
    Love Sohini "