Sunday, May 1, 2016

Garlic and black pepper Tofu

Today's lunch was inspired by Fat free vegan's recipe with the same title . The link to the original link is

I had bean sprouts at home which I had to use before they got spoilt and wasted  . I also wanted to make a one pot dish of veggies and proteins . And the aforementioned recipe gave me just that . But knowing me, I tweaked it with whatever I had at home ...

Since the meal was just for two , I took a slab of 200 grams firm tofu . I chopped them into rectangles and marinated them in a mixture of dark soya sauce , one crushed garlic, crushed pepper corns , rice wine and regular vinegar . When I was adding rice vinegar , I was startled to smell an  aroma  of spirits. I took a closer look at the bottle I had just opened and it turned out to be of rice wine . Oops ! So added a little regular vinegar to make do ..😁😁

I marinated the tofu just for half an hour . I then baked the tofu in the oven at 200 degrees centigrade for 30 minutes , turning over the tofu after 15 minutes.

In a pan , I heated  a teaspoon of oil, swirling the oil to grease the entire pan . After the oil had heated to a high point , I added two finely chopped ( in length ) onions . After a minute when it had started browning , I added a zucchini chopped in squares. Stir fried it for two minutes . I then added a mixture of crushed garlic ( five very large pods) and crushed pepper corn . After a minute I added sliced mushrooms . After another minute I added 200 grams of bean sprouts and one capsicum  chopped lengthwise. In the mean time I had some light soya sauce, a small teaspoonful of spicy Sriracha sauce , a teaspoon of honey, a little vinegar . I next added this mixture to the vegetables and continued to stir fry for five minutes. By then the tofu had got baked .

While I added the tofu to the vegetables , the next time I will be tossing the baked tofu with the vegetables for a minute to let the tofu become a little soft .

It was filling for lunch  , tasty , not to mention quick to make and good to eat . This is a keeper too ! 😊😊

Bon appetit !

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