Monday, May 2, 2016

Pasta with pepper stuffed with cheese and sundried tomatoes.

Vegetarian Pasta with pepper stuffed with cheese and sun dried tomatoes . 

This recipe was to try out using the stuffed peppers and sundried tomatoes I came across in Cold Storage.

1. Stir fry Chopped onions, capsicums, cauliflowers on high heat with pepper and very little salt . the pesto will have salt on its own and so one needs to be very careful on salt.  I added the sun dried tomato half way through and the stuffed pepper towards the end when I felt the vegetables had cooked .

2. Add pesto and mix properly . Be careful not to break the stuffed peppers. I  used James Olivier's garlic chilli pesto ..

3. Add the cooked  pasta ( boiled al dente) to the vegetable pesto mixture and serve warm.
Bon Appetit! 


  1. I will show this to my two daughters.Long ago you carried an article by me in your blog.There are several stories and articles in my two blogs. Please visit if you have time and inclination.

    Are you not pisting in your blog these days?

    1. Hello Mr Parthasarathi, sorry about the delay in repkying. I am indeed not blogging these days as it is easier to post on fb... Your article " charity of the poor" is one of my favourites .. it touched a chord... will certainly start revisiting your blogs... Wishiing your family and you a joyous 2018...