Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tuna Avocado Sandwich

With just AB and me at home , my search for recipes is for ones that is just enough for two , with no left overs .. And also a healthy one with us getting younger by the day .. ;) ;) .... And the third of course is one with minimum effort and maximum taste . Hit on a keeper yesterday . I love eat Subway sandwiches here ( have not enjoyed as much the Subway products in India and Singapore) . My favourites being egg mayo and tuna melt . I had a tin of spicy tuna and an avocado  available at home and so googled for avocado tuna sandwiches.. And this is what we ended up eating ..

Toast bread absolutely crisp.
In a bowl, mash an avocado . To it add sunflower seeds, finely chopped onion, cranberries, finely chopped  tomato , drained tuna from one can ( I used the Lite Spicy Tuna) . I added a teaspoon of mayonnaise as I was not buttering the toasts . This quantity will suffice for  five open sandwiches.

Spread on your toast and Bon appetit! 😊😊

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