Monday, May 2, 2016

Pumpkin raita

Pumpkin raita... Steam pumpkin, mash it, add mustard paste .  My  friend's mom used to make fresh paste, I used readymade english mustard paste.  Now add a little sugar and  salt to taste .. I had no chillies at home to chop and add... to this mixture  add an equal amount of yoghurt/ curd. I have added a chonk / temper of dry red chilli, mustard and kadi patta/ curry leaves... was not sure of adding kadi patta / curry leaves but did it all the same as I love the smell of kadi patta / curry leaves.....  anyway the tang of mustard as u take a spoonful of the raita is awesome and makes this raita a winner... Whenever I eat this, I remember my friend's  mom's cooking fondly ...😊😊


  1. Yumm... This is absolutely new and a must try for me!

    1. Tastes awesome.. the aroma of mustard whiffs into your nose with each bite...