Friday, February 22, 2013

Bengali Fish Fry

Whenever we visited Kolkata for a function, I would eagerly look forward to the meal which would invariably include a triangular shaped fish fry. I loved it!!

After moving to Singapore, I found fish fillet aplenty but with fish nuggets and fish burgers equally aplenty in the frozen section --  it made sense bringing them over and frying them. But they quite did not gel with traditional Bengali  khichuri or pulao ; they seemed more like short cuts. Another mental barrier was I do not cook too many fried items  and so had never dipped anything in beaten egg  and thereafter in bread crumbs before frying. The thought of it was just too messy. 

A light khichuri was on the menu for one of the CNY holidays and finally was adventurous enough to try out the fish fry for myself. Turned out to be very successful and was I happy with myself! 

I post these recipes more as a cook book for myself so that I may come back any year any day I feel like to try out the recipe I may have checked out years back...:) :) without having to jog my brains for that perfect recipe or the blog from where I had taken the recipe. As I post the recipes, I realise, my major cny dishes have come from the Bongcookbook blog this year. :) :) 

I skipped the onion from the marinated items, and marinated the fish in a zip lock bag over night. I was delighted to find the aroma of garlic and ginger in the fish with each bite of the fish fry. If may have even added a little garlic to the bread crumbs. I am not very sure now. I used Sutchi fillet.

Here is the link to the recipe from which I adapted the Bengali Fish Fry.

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