Friday, February 22, 2013

Dhokaar Dalna

Dhokaar dalna is a very popular Bengali dish. Dalna means curry. Chana dal/ Cholar dal , as we call it in Bengali, is ground and  then fried in the form of square or diamond shaped cakes and added to the curry. A time consuming dish, I often make the dhokas in one go, freezing a part of the fried dhokas in zip lock bags for later use.

For the dhoka I grind ginger, jeera/ cumin seeds, onions and garlic along with the soaked chana dal.  They also taste very delicious by themselves and so I make it a point to generally fry the dhokas in the evening so that we may have it with tea.  I prepare the dalna without onion garlic, in just a paste of ginger and jeera.  Have enclosed the links for dhokaar dalna from the bongcookbook and bongcook as they have provided in detail the quantities and method.  These are two lovely blogs I often visit for a read and also before preparing a Bengali dish.

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