Friday, February 22, 2013

Kala Chana / Black chana

I learnt to make rosogollas from Manjula's kitchen. There is something very comforting in listening to her voice as she guides you through the steps of cooking. These days, I often go to her site when I want to cook a dish without onion and garlic.

I  am not a fan of Kala Chana. I find it very dry . At a loss to prepare the dish, I went to Manjula's kitchen and found a recipe which sounded good. Prepared it, the only difference being I added a good dollop of green chutney ( coriander leaves + jeera + garlic+ lemon+ salt)  at the end .. The dish turned out so good, fell in love with kala chana and reinstated my strong belief in Manjula aunty's recipes... :) :)

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